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Wichita, we are your painting solution. Exterior painting is one of the most important projects to continually maintain on a home. A good paint job could be the difference between a home looking abandoned to the best looking home on the block. Depending on the product that is used a good paint job should last about 5-10 years. In some cases, there are products that are now on the market that can last 15 plus years. For these products to last the paint job has to be applied properly. For exterior jobs we will prep the home for paint by power washing the surface, scraping any old lose paint and priming exposed wood. We will apply caulking to any gaps in the siding and trim. Sometimes we may need to fill some of the surface with putty to fill and smooth out imperfections in the existing surface. We do this especially when there have been multiple layers of paint that have peeled off over the years.

We are licensed to install siding on your home and use a variety of products. To learn more or to get a free estimate call us today! (316) 259-9912

Don't forget we do interior painting and a whole variety of other projects on homes and offices.